Founded in 2013, the Billionaires’ Club has rapidly evolved from a social media account to a multi-faceted company whose name synonymous with luxury lifestyle. The Billionaire’s Club has blossomed into a global name in the luxury market. Due to its success on social media platforms, our portfolio has now evolved to include a full service concierge company, and our most recent development, The Billionaire’s Club Realty Group.

TBC has a loyal following of over 3 million + Instagram followers directly interested in luxury goods and services. We have more followers than many luxury brands and can therefore offer them access to a ‘ready-made’ appropriate audience, without the time and expense necessary to build a responsive community. We leverage social media to market ourselves and our services to provide qualified sales leads to our third party partners and clients. Mobile and Social are essential elements for any successful marketing strategy.

By consistently promoting the ‘must have’ Veblen goods, services and destinations favored by the super-rich, and by choosing our sponsored posts carefully, we as close to word-of-mouth marketing as possible. Because of the founders’ extensive experience with the luxury markets (exotic car brokers and partners in a private jet company), The Billionaire’s Club™ has quickly accomplished something very few social media brands can claim; an elite network of partner companies that cater to the wealthy’s every want, desire, and thrill. We are in an excellent position to offer highly targeted traffic for the luxury travel and tourism markets. From private jets, to yachts, to high end real estate, exotic cars and apparel, our loyal Instagram following of 3 Million + are constantly being directed to the brands and companies we work with.

Case Study – Why Instagram?

Because it’s the fastest growing and most relevant to HNW consumers.

“Instagram Is Shaping Up To Be The World’s Most Powerful Selling Tool” – Forbes Magazine:

“The photo app amassed over 150 million users in three short years-twice as fast as twitter. That quantity has some quality. According to research by L2 Think Tank, Instagram’s community boasts 15 times more engagement than its parent company, and more than Twitter or Google. L2 also found that 93% of luxury brands are now on Instagram.”

Likewise L2’s study, in partnership with Olapic (the New York-based software startup that helps retailers leverage user-generated photos to sell product) concluded that

Visual Commerce = Conversion

“About 40% of travelers said social network comments influenced their travel planning while 50% actually based their travel plans on other people’s reviews and experiences,” according to a Google survey in 2011. Instagram fulfills the essential requirements for a luxury marketing platform; it’s visual, social, mobile and measurable.

Why Our Platform Works So Effectively

The Billionaire’s Club has become a brand in its own right, standing for the luxury materialistic jet-set lifestyle. Because our audience has not only opted-in to seeing our content, but actively engages with and shares it, our partners’ sponsored posts aren’t ignored and their impact and ROI can be directly measured in real-time. According to a recent article in the Harvard Business Review “The best way for marketers to communicate through mobile will be with applications, or apps. Apps will trump traditional ads in part because consumers don’t perceive them as advertising and don’t find them intrusive. For marketers, apps will also be attractive because they’re actually more cost-efficient than traditional ads.” Our photos encourage fans from around the world to travel and buy without the feeling that they are being sold to. The Billionaire’s Club™ is a leader in fashion, style, luxury and life. Tap into our success on this cutting-edge platform; there are huge opportunities and The Billionaire’s Club™ is leading the way.

Social Media Growth

Instagram is currently the fastest growing social platform in the world. Instagram grew 900% in just two consecutive years. This is directly due to the increase in popularity of mobile phones. Instagram is an app only accessible via mobile phone and the number of people accessing the internet via mobile phone has increased by 60.3% to 818.4 million in 2013. Likewise among mobile phone users between 18-44, 84% of time is spent texting and interacting with email and social networks.

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